Chris Salt DJ Livestream – Vector Space Podcast 007

Vector Space Podcast 007 is from Chris’ livestream DJ set on 30th August 2020. Almost 3 hours of new promos and tracks, and all 3 tracks from the latest release on Vector Space Recordings: Pako & Frederik’s Xelak EP.
Thanks to everyone who tuned in live on Facebook and Twitch, and thanks to the labels for the amazing promos and music! A replay is available on / and on YouTube. Let us know what you think on the socials! 🙂
1. Aerial – Shimmer (Original Mix) [Moving Pictures]
2. Aerial – The Ridge (Original Mix) [Moving Pictures]
3. Fur Coat ft. Running Pine – Hurricane (Club Mix) [Renaissance]
4. Artche – One Who Knows (Original Mix) [Last Night On Earth]
5. Kolsch – Now Here No Where (Original Mix) [Kompakt]
6. Coeus – Lucent (Original Mix) [Afterlife Records]
7. Audioglider – Fifty Five Fathoms [Pangea]
8. Pako & Frederik – Re-Rendered [Vector Space Recordings]
9. Quivver – Takin Over (2020 Rework) [Bedrock Records]
10. Starkato – Duat (Mita Gami Remix) [Asymmetric Recordings]
11. Robert Babicz – Soulseek [DIRTCUTS]
12. Starkato – Duat (Original Mix) [Asymmetric Recordings]
13. GuyRo – Ten (Original Mix) [Pangea Recordings]
14. Raskal – Closure [White Line Music]
15. Jose Maria Ramon, William Medagli, Thallulah – Lie (Alfonso Muchacho Remix) [Krafted Underground]
16. GuyRo – Ten (Nick Muir Remix) [Pangea Recordings]
17. Mike Rish – Miner (Nick Muir Remix) [Ugenius Music]
18. Collective States – Droid [High Tide Recordings]
19. Robert Babicz – We Were The Good Ones [DIRTCUTS]
20. Pako & Frederik – Man Drone (Kiz Pattison’s Alternate Thought) [ASTIR Recordings]
21. Mystin & Zuzana Hakl – New Generation [Prague Faces]
22. Pako & Frederik – Grind On [Vector Space Recordings]
23. Dizharmonia – Lotus (Morttagua Remix) [Timeless Moment]
24. Gabriel Moraes – Submission (Original Mix) [Recovery Collective]
25. Hans Delbruck – Torschlusspanik (Dj Nightnoise Remix) [Urban Chaos Recordings]
26. James Holden – I Have Put Out The Light (Freedo Mosho Edit) [White Label]
27. Henry Saiz- Cry If You Want To (Einmusik Remix) [Natura Sonoris]
28. Pako & Frederik – Xelak [Vector Space Recordings]
29. Artche – Split Open (Original Mix) [Last Night On Earth]
30. Alexander Church – Use Of Self (Jody Barr Remix) [Configurations Of Self]
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