005 - Chris Salt Vector Space PodcastWelcome to episode 005 of my Vector Space Podcast, featuring melodic techno, tech house and progressive tracks, including massive releases from Collective States, Stephen Knight and Paul Hawcroft. I also talk about my new record label, Vector Space Recordings, and how to submit demos. Bookings: mgmt @ vector-space.net. Website: www.chrissalt.com. Record label: www.vectorspacerecordings.com


00. Chris Salt – Intro
01. Marchesan – Stone [3xA]
02. PRAANA x LEVV – I Am [Colorize]
03. Stephen Knight – Hydra [High Tide Recordings]
04. G-Man – Redemption (Strobe Mixdown) [Tan Ta Ra]
05. Collective States – Stripe [Do Not Sleep]
06. Emanuel Satie – Tokyo ASMR [Crosstown Rebels]
07. Paul Hawcroft – Midnight Blues [Lost Language]
08. ID – ID (Frank Sonic Remix) [TBC]
09. Stan Kolev – Phases (Morttagua Remix) [FSOE UV]
10. Dizharmonia – Cherouveim [Timeless Moment]
11. Collective States – Gozer (Serge Santiago Remix) [Do Not Sleep]
12. Andy Largo – Beta (Original Mix) [Bubblejam Records]

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My January 2020 Podcast has now been accepted onto Apple Podcasts and Spotify Podcasts, in addition to the usual Mixcloud and Soundcloud locations. Follow the links below to check it out  – and subscribe to receive the latest episodes when they’re online.

The podcast features melodic techno, tech house and some harder techno, including the instrumental version of my Jan Johnston – Flesh remix and massive tracks from Collective States, Sunscreem, Deeparture, Ae:ther and Aron SC.  I also talk about what I’ve been up to in the studio, my new record label, Vector Space Recordings, and how to submit demos, my new vlog on YouTube and some gigs. 


  • 01. Marcus Meinhardt – Animal Kingdom (Original) [3000GRAD]
  • 02. Amuze – Ayurveda [Natura Viva]
  • 03. Alex Efe & Diego Berrondo – Between Us (Original Mix) [Electronic Grooves Records]
  • 04. Steve Bug, Tim Engelhardt – Eyes Of The Python [Last Night On Earth]
  • 05. Ae:ther – We’ll Be Together (Original) [Crosstown Rebels]
  • 06. Collective States – Moon Jockey (Original) [Stil Vor Talent]
  • 07. Deeparture – Disruption Protocol [Colorize]
  • 08. Aron SC – Midnight (DJ Nightnoise Remix) [Urban Chaos]
  • 09. Sunscreem – Perfect Motion (Patrice Baumel Renaissance Remix) [Renaissance]
  • 10. Jan Johnston – Flesh (Chris Salt Instrumental Remix) [Solar Storm]
  • 11. HOSH, 1979, Jalja – Midnight (Original) [Fryhide]
  • 12. Tripswitch – Stigma [Colorize]
  • 13. Zerotonine – Desire (Original Mix) [Z29 Records]
  • 14. Sasha – Ripcord [Last Night On Earth]
  • 15. Collective States – Kamino [Stil Vor Talent]

Throwback to my artist album on Silver Planet – ‘No Surrender’ turned 10 years old on 20th October 2019! 

It took the best part of four years to finish the album (with lots of stop and starts), but it was all worth it to read fab feedback from Nick Warren and Hybrid, and 4/5 in DMC Update 

No Surrender

The album included my old singles ‘Dub Sonar’ and ‘Atmospheric Graffiti’, my newer singles, ‘Ik Ben Terug’, (a techno track, the title of which is Dutch for ‘I’m back’) and ‘Endgame’ (with a remix from Tyrrell – supported by a certain Mr Zabiela!). ‘Stronghold’ was a rave-laced breakbeat track, and ‘No Surrender’ was a big-beat rocky track featuring my electric guitar – still getting regular TV and film inclusion over in Poland (thanks PRS). ‘Depth Charge’ was trip-hop, with more guitars again.

Nick Warren feedback (2009): “Thanks for the tracks – wicked. I like them all”

Hybrid feedback (2009): “Proper groove on Ik Ben Terug, very nice indeed! Wicked. Stronghold is a monster, acid techno breakfast!”

Ten years later, I’m back writing music again and I’ve just set up my own record label. Can’t wait to get more music out there! Thanks everyone.

Here’s my August 2019 Podcast DJ mix for you to check out – techno, tech house and some bass/breaks. My new Jan Johnston remix is up there along with tracks from Raxon, Radio Slave, Tilt, Maceo Plex and Max Foley. Enjoy 🙂 Tracklisting below. Available on Soundcloud and Mixcloud. Bookings: info at chrissalt.com.

00. Intro
01. Mark Youssef & Novikoff – Propagules (Original Mix) [Tactal Hots]
02. Stephen Knight – Subverted [High Tide Recordings]
03. Alex Dimou – What Keeps You There (Avidus Remix) [Crosstown Rebels]
04. Jan Johnston – Flesh (Chris Salt Remix) [Solar Storm]
05. Shiraz – Rain (TILT’s Monsoon Remix) [Pussyfoot Records]
06. Sofian Rouge – Ancient Sun (Noel Sanger Remix) [Dissident]
07. Cherry (UA) – Come To Me [Timeless Moment]
08. DJ Nightnoise – Broken Feelings [Urban Chaos]
09. Laurent Garnier, Chambray – Feelin’ Good (Radio Slave Revenge Remix) [Rekids]
10. Paul Sawyer & Sunscreem – Perfect Motion [Limited Music]
11. DJ Nightnoise – November Rain [Urban Chaos]
12. Luke Brancaccio & Steve Parry feat. Kiki Cave – Control Machine (Original Mix) [Selador]
13. Maceo Plex – Lonely Tribe (Original Mix) [Afterlife Records]
14. Pig & Dan – Promised (Raxon Remix) [Truesoul]
15. 2 Reels – Pass It Down (Brent Lawson’s Remix) [Salt Records]
16. Acumen & Monastetiq – Indie (Simon Doty Remix) [Last Night On Earth]
17. Max Foley – Nerium Oleander [Botanica Records]

(C) & (P) All Respective Artists and Labels 2019 All Rights Reserved

Here’s my new DJ mix for you to check out – techno and tech house. Enjoy 🙂 Spent a few hours digging through the promos. Includes tracks from Collective States, Denney and Ejeca. Currently 60th in Mixcloud’s global Deep Tech House chart. Up on Soundcloud and Mixcloud: band.link/csfeb2019

00. Intro
01. QDream – Akropolis [3xA Music]
02. The Sirius – Driving On The Moon [3xA Music]
03. Jerome Steam – New Space (Hrederik Remix) [Figura Music]
04. Ejeca – Crystal Maze (Original) [Four Thirty Two]
05. Collective States – Yandu [High Tide Recordings]
06. Inceptions & Nitrous – From Karlin 2 Vrsovice (Original) [Moving Pictures]
07. Denney – Genena (OC & Verde) [GU Music]
08. Phobetor – There Was A Time (DJ Nightnoise Remix) [Urban Chaos Records]
09. Volk – Sirio [3xA Music]
10. Artbat – Upperground (Original) [Diynamic]
11. Robert Stahl – Under Pressure (Original) [Black Vision]
12. Port Manteau – Arcade (Original) [10 Steps North]
13. 2 Reels – Whistle In The Wind (Brent Lawson’s Remix) [Salt Records]
14. Yves Deruyter – 35 (Extended Mix) [BAM]

(C) & (P) All Respective Artists and Labels 2019 All Rights Reserved